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How You Can Stop Trump From Sabotaging Obamacare Enrollment

The Trump Administration is trying to sabotage the upcoming open enrollment period for signing up for health insurance on the ACA Marketplace. They're slashing outreach funding and closing down on certain days during the brief enrollment period. Making it harder for people to enroll will not only leave more folks uninsured, but it will lead to higher insurance premiums.
That's why we all need to get to work spreading the word about open enrollment. 
Let everyone know that the sign up window is November 1 to December 15 and that most folks who sign up for insurance through the Marketplace will receive financial assistance to help cover the costs of their plan.

Here are a few ways to help more people get insured during the upcoming ACA open enrollment period:

1. Spread the word on Twitter.

2. Sign up for one of these volunteer opportunities.

3. Join our webinar to learn about enrollment and ways to help.